1. Why does not Bphone run stock Android?

Stock Android is made by Google for all Android manufacturers so it only meets the most common needs. It is not tailored to perfectly suit every smartphone model. Such perfectness can only be obtained by the manufacturers themselves for each of their own device. For higher or special needs, Stock Android cannot meet. On BOS, there are a lot of particularly useful features. Visual effects on BOS is a small example, you will see your smartphone be more advanced.

In addition, since Bkav’s starting point is a software company, so Bkav can handle the most practical suggestions from customers to bring about better and better experience on BOS. If Bphone ran stock Android operating system, it would be very difficult or impossible to do this. That's why Bkav wants BOS operating system to be "open like Android, smooth as iOS".

2. When being accidentally dropped down, why is the smartphone sometimes still fine, sometimes destroyed badly?

Most smartphones today have large, bezel-less, 2D-curved glass screen; then, if they fall right on the weak point (like when facing down, etc.) or on the connection point between the glass and the aluminum frame, the glass might get broken even when the fall is from very small height. That is the common characteristic of all smartphones. In fact, in many cases, the smartphone is not broken even though it falls from a quite high position.

3. Why does reinforced glass screen on smartphone still have scratches?

Scratches on reinforced glass screen of smartphones are due to tiny sand grains scraping the screen. Grain’s hardness is near that of diamond, so when it impacts on reinforced glass surface, it will cause the above phenomenon. In fact, science has proved that reinforced glass cannot be scratched by keys but surrenders to tiny grains of sand.

4. I often charge Bphone battery overnight, does this affect the device?

In accordance with charging mechanism of Bphone 2017, the battery is disconnected from the supply system for the circuit as being charged. Then, the source from the charger not only feeds electronic circuits, but also charges the battery. As being fully charged, the charging source will be cut off, only feeding from charger works.

In theory, batteries have small leakage current, losing 1% of capacity in about 8 hours. When the battery drops down to 99%, the system will automatically recharge. So plugging in charger overnight does not affect the battery life expectancy because the system has automatically disconnected when the battery is full. Recharging can happen every 8 hours. This cycle is long enough to ensure no impact on battery life expectancy.

5. Is Bphone regularly updated to the latest Android?

Bkav considers BOS an operating system (OS) based on Android OS, just like Android OS on Linux OS platform. Bkav's orientation for Bphone is that BOS does not depend too much on Android OS, i.e. BOS must not be upgraded as Android. Android is just a platform while BOS contains specific values.

Therefore, Bkav considers what is good then updates for BOS, otherwise Bkav does not need to update. However, Bkav will still update BOS to meet Bkav's operating system criteria.

6. Is Bphone a Chinese smartphone but Vietnamese-labeled?

Bphone is manufactured in Vietnam. Regarding the localization rate of Bphone 2, Bkav affirms that 100% of concept design, electronic design, mechanical design and production are in Vietnam. In which, concept design, electronic circuit design and mechanical design are implemented by Bkav. Meanwhile, the production part is 100% done by Bkav and its partners in Vietnam. Details reference can be found at:: http://dantri.com.vn/suc-manh-so/ceo-nguyen-tu-quang-thi-sat-nha-may-khang-dinh-bphone-2-san-xuat-tai-viet-nam-20170727160726254.htm