Privacy policy

Personal information

During the process of Customer’s making an order, Bkav may require personal information such as: name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

Customer shall ensure that the provided information is accurate and legal. Bkav holds no responsibility relating to the legality of such information.

Such information shall be used to process the orders, provide news, information about the Product and other information if requested by Customer. Besides, such information shall be used to help managing users' account; verify and process online transactions; improve and adjust the layout and content of the website to serve its users better.



Bkav declares that Bkav is the sole entity to have the rights of storing and using Customer’s personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in this "Privacy policy". Bkav commits to use and conduct any applicable way or method to protect Customer’s personal information from any unwanted access, disclosure or usage.

Customer’s personal information may be disclosed by Bkav as requested by applicable law or by a competent court.



Bkav declares that it shall not collect any personal information under any circumstance unless such the information is voluntary provided by Customer.

By providing such information, Customer declares that Customer understands and acknowledges the purposes for which such information shall be used by Bkav and that Customer consents to the usage of such information by Bkav.


Modification and privacy policy

Customer’s personal information will be stored indefinitely by Bkav and such information can be modified by Customer at any time.

The terms and conditions of this "Privacy policy" can be adjusted to suit Bkav's needs as well as to meet the demands and feedbacks from Customers. The time of the most recent adjustment or modification shall be shown in "Last update".



For any inquiry, comment or feedback of this "Privacy policy", please contact Bkav via: