Instructions for using Privacy mode on Bphone
07:06:24 | 03-07-2019

Privacy mode on Bphone helps users to protect personal information such as photos, videos, messages, etc. Users can be lending friends or relatives their Bphone without fear of sensitive information disclosure.

In families, parents often lend their children smartphone for playing games. Active children may accidentally buy in-game products, software on the store. In some cases, parents only know when a large amount of money is deducted. Other situations, friends and colleagues borrowing the phone may accidentally reveal sensitive owner's information such as personal contacts, private messages, photos, videos, etc. With Privacy mode on Bphone, you can let your children use your phone without fear of losing money or give your phone to others regardless of sensitive data on the device being exposed.

To activate Privacy mode on Bphone, follow the instructions below:

Step 1:Open Dashboard and select the lock symbol

Step 2: Draw the pattern password to protect data, then select Next.

Note :

In this writing, Bphone has not been set a screen lock password, so when activating Privacy mode you must set a pattern password.

For a Bphone set with a password, when Privacy mode is selected, a Completion message will appear as in Step 4.


Step 3: Draw the pattern again then select Confirm.


If you do not want to set the password as a pattern, you can change it to a PIN password by selecting the 3-dot icon then choosing PIN as shown below:

Step 4: Select Done.

So, you have successfully activated privacy mode on Bphone. From here, your Bphone will be like a new device, others can view no data related to you (contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc.).

Exit privacy mode

To exit privacy mode, open Dashboard again in Step 1, the device will exit the lock screen. Here, you have to draw the pattern set in Step 2 to return to normal mode. 

Advanced privacy mode

By default in the Privacy mode on Bphone, Bkav has already set up the apps that will appear when switching to privacy mode. However, you can reset the hide/display apps in privacy mode according to the instructions below:

Step 1: At the Complete notification of switching privacy mode, select Advanced.

Step 2: Select the blue circle button icon next to the app to hide or show it in privacy mode.

Step 3: Select the back arrow icon to complete advanced settings in privacy mode.

Bkav has introduced you how to use the Privacy mode on Bphone. To see more information about Bphone, please visit: