Instructions for transferring data from Android to BOS
07:17:46 | 03-07-2019

+ To transfer Contacts, Messages, Call log, you first back up data on your old Android phone via Bkav Mobile Security (BMS). If you have not installed BMS, download and install its free version from CH Play, see details here.

+ After backing up the data successfully, you move the SIM card to Bphone and perform Restore Data from Bkav Server (BMS is available on Bphone by default).

+ Your phone needs to have Wifi/3G/4G connection. 

Instructions for data backup

Step 1: On Android device, open Bkav Mobile Security, select Backup & Restore.

Step 2: Select Backup data.


Step 3: Select the options as shown in the picture then touch Backup data.

Backup options : Allow to back up Messages, Contacts, Call logs by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

Backup data to: Select Bkav Server.

Merge with old data: This option helps users back up new data to Bkav Server. Data in this backup will be added instead of overwriting the previously backed up data.

Step 4: The data selected to back up will be encrypted and saved on Bkav Server. The notification will show up on the screen after the successful backing up process. Click OK to complete the backup process.

Instructions for Data Restore

Step 1: Insert the SIM card you used when backing up data on your Android device into Bphone then open Bkav Mobile Security, go to Backup & Restore, select Restore Data.

Step 2: Select Restore Options(Messages, Contacts, Call logs)

Step 3: Select Restore data from Bkav Server.

Step 4: Select Restore Data.

Step 5: The notification will be displayed on the screen after successful recovery process. Select OK to complete the recovery process. The recovered data will be displayed on your Bphone, including : Contacts, Messages, Call logs.

You have completed the data transferring from Android OS to BOS.

To transfer data from IOS to BOS, see details here.