How to transfer your data from IOS to BOS
07:19:22 | 03-07-2019

To transfer contacts, photos, videos, access App Store on iPhone, CH Play on BOS, then download and install Copy My Data application.

+ Note: Due to the specific characteristics of iOS operating system, no interference can be done to messages and call logs, then these two data sets will not be transferred.

Tool-based transferring of data requires 2 smartphones to connect to the same Wifi network.

Step 1: Access App Store on iPhone, CH Play on Bphone.


Step 2: Enter Copy My Data to the Search bar.

Step 3: Touch Get on Iphone and Install on Bphone.


Step 4: After completing installation, open the application on iPhone and Bphone, then select Next.


Step 5On iPhone and Bphone, touch To or From Another Device Over Wifi.


Step 6: On Bphone select the found iPhone then touch Next.

Step 7: On Bphone select Copy data from selected device.

Step 8: iPhone displays the PIN to verify connection, on Bphone, enter the PIN and then touch Next.


Step 9: After the PIN code has been entered and connection is successful, iPhone will display data sets that can be transferred : CalendarContactsCamera PhotosCamera Video.

Users can select to transfer either all or necessary data sets, then touch Next.

Step 10: After touching Next, the process of transferring data to Bphone starts. Once transferring successfully, Bphone will display a completion message, touch Finish to complete the data transfer.

Well, you have completed data transfer from iOS to BOS.

To transfer data from Android to BOS, touch here.