Warranty policy for Bphone
Warranty scope/Warranty period
1. Products and warranty period
Warranty period begins at the time of purchase by users and is in accordance with the information on invoice and warranty card. (In case Customers lose all invoices and warranty cards, the electronic warranty information will be used). Warranted products may include different parts which may have different warranty periods. Specifically:
  • Device: 12 months
  • Earphones, charge and cable: 6 months
Products that have gone through warranty will have warranty period equivalent to their remaining warranty periods.
2. Some cases Customers should note
  • All Bkav smartphones sold are entitled to "Warranty Policy" but must meet all warranty conditions of Bkav. Accompanying accessories (books, box, etc.) are not warranted.
  • Customers would please save important data on the product before the warranty. During the warranty process, employees of Bphone Service Center are not responsible for Customers’ data.
  • In need of product warranty, Customers please come to Bphone Service Center or Bphone authorized stores, official showrooms. The average time for the warranty is from 3-10 days since receiving products from Customers. Bphone Service Center will continuously inform details to Customers.
  • If there are any arising issues, Bphone Service Center will inform Customers.
  • All parts of the Product or other equipments and components replaced on Bphone will become the property of Bphone Service Center.
  • Your product is a complex electronic device. Bkav recommends you read the user guide and the instructions provided for the Product. Please note that the product may have a high-precision screen, camera lenses and other parts which may be scratched or damaged if not careful.
  • Products that are not eligible for warranty or out of warranty period will be repaired with charge. Bphone Service Center will contact Customers and detail the expense before repairing.
3. Conditions of warranty
  • Products are in warranty period
  • Damages are due to component quality or technical errors during production process.
  • The products brought to the Service Center must have intact warranty stamp and the valid warranty card of that product.
  • The products are not under the cases of warranty denial.
Warranty denial
The products which are under one of the following conditions will lose warranty:
  • Products that warranty periods have expired.
  • Products damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning, impacted by insects or animals.
  • Products placed in dusty, humid location that causes water penetration.
  • Products deformed due to thermal impact, external impact.
  • Products that have mold, rust or corrosion, oxidation by chemicals.
  • Products damaged due to wrong recommended voltage and current.
  • Products purchased without clear origin, not from Bkav's official distribution agents.
  • Products that have been changed or repaired not by Bkav's official Service Centers.
  • The customers cause defects such as deformation, cracking, scratching.
  • The screen has less than five (05) dead points.
  • There is no valid original purchase invoice, warranty card or other valid documents related to the product such as IMEI number. The bar code is modified, repaired or lost or incorrect with the product.
Product change policy
Within 30 days, smartphone products sold will be replaced with another one if defects are from the manufacturer.
Note: Customers cannot replace Products with no errors from the manufacturer. The process of replacing, see here.
Replacing with a new one is accepted if the product stills meets following conditions:
  • The body is not scratched in frame, screen, back, camera, etc.
  • Product is still in a valid warranty condition.
  • All accessories are full and new; the box is intact.
  • IMEI on the box and on the product must be the same, purchase documents are valid.
One-to-one replacement is denied in the following conditions:
  • Defects are from the software.
  • The body is heavily scratched.
  • The newness of the product is below 80%.
  • There is liquid inside the product.
  • The operating system of the product is intervened, or the product is rooted, etc.
  • The defects of accessories or other defects caused by incorrect usage under instructions, defects in memory card, SIM, third-party APK, Wifi network, etc.
  • Cases in the list of Warranty Denial
Address of Warranty/Repair Center.
The customer can have products warranted, repaired at Bphone Service Center or nearest Bphone stores
  • Address of Bphone Service Centers:
Warranty Hub Yangon: No 19, Corner of Zabuyait St & Laydaungkan Rd, Bokannyount Quarter, Thingangyun Tsp.
Warranty Hub Mandalay: Conner of 26th & 66th, Aungmyaythazan Tsp.
Warranty Hub Shan Room: A5-A26, City Square Shopping Center, Kan Shae Quarter, Tsp.
All days of week except for Sundays and Holidays
  • List of Bphone stores: here
Open time:
- Morning: 8h00-12h00
- Afternoon: 13h00-17h00
Bphone Service Center: 09690000966
Customer Support Channel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BphoneMyanmarSupport/
Quotation of components can be viewed here.